Compare Breast Pumps

Horigen is every mom’s partner in her breastfeeding journey. Horigen Breast Pumps offer an innovative way of breastfeeding babies. It is the first electric pump that allows 3D pumping. The pump not only simulates breastfeeding, but it also mimics the feel of the breast when the baby sucks during actual breastfeeding. Horigen’s soft breast shields (made of liquid silicon lets moms experience the “real thing;” how the breast actually feels during direct breastfeeding. The 3D pumps creates the feeling of “suck, squeeze and release;” unlike the “suck, release” motion that other breast pumps have. Horigen breast pumps also provides a strong, quiet, painless suction.

Horigen electric breastpump has a microchip computer that allows for an LCD/LED display showing (1) the 2 phase expression: simulation and expression; (2) 9 levels of cycle  (except exquiture)that can be adjusted by a press of a button; and (3) a countdown timer. All Horigen products are BPA free and have met FDA and European CE approval. Horigen also offers breast pump accessories to complement the pump and make breastfeeding an easy and convenient experience for all moms. And to make it even better, Horigen’s state of the art breast pump is really affordable.Horigen envision that every mother be given a chance to breastfeed their babies.

Types of Breast Pumps

  1. Innovature Double Electric Breast Pump (Double Breast Pump)

    Main Body Size: (h)6 x (w)4 in

    Thickness: 2.5 in

    Weight: 400grams

    Suction: up to 340 mbar

    • For: Mommies who want to save TIME!
    • Increase milk output
    • Stimulates more milk ejection
    • Milk collected contains higher energy content
    • Breast is drained better, stimulating more milk production
    • Is the only dual electic breast pump that has dual pumping ability (choose from Single or Dual pumping). The left and right pump also has an individual suction control, different suction strength can be set on left and right.

  2. Horigen Miture Electric Breast Pump (Single Breast Pump)

    Main Body Size: (h)4.5 x (w)3.5 in

    Thickness: 2 in

    Weight: 250grams

    Suction: up to 340 mbar

    • Great for Mommies who tend to breastfeed and express at the same time
    • Smaller in size, more portable
    • More affordable

  3. Horigen Exquiture Electric Breast Pump (Single Mini Breast Pump)

    Main Body Size: (h)3 x (w)2.5 in

    Thickness: 1.5 in

    Weight: 150grams

    Suction: up to 340 mbar

    • For Mommies who TRAVEL
    • Smallest breastpump in the market
    • Great for travelling
    • Suction strength is the same as the normal sized pump

  4. Proture Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

    Main Body Size: (h)30 x (w)17cm

    Thickness: 23cm

    Weight: 1.68kg

    Suction: up to 340 mbar

    • For Mommies who need POWER
    • Strongest and most durable type of pump
    • Strong suction but larger and heavier
    • Recommended for:
      • Premature or sick infants
      • Premature or sick infants
      • To increase milks supply
      • To induce lactation

  5. Freeture Manual Breast Pump

    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Handle covered by silicone for comfort
    • Hygienic; anti backflow (30-45 mins per pumping session)
    • BPA FREE